MAG - Mens Artistic Gymnastics

Men's gymnastics is a dynamic and physically demanding sport that showcases strength, agility, and precision. Athletes perform a series of routines on various apparatus, including the floor, pommel horse, rings, vault, parallel bars, and horizontal bar. These routines are composed of intricate combinations of flips, twists, and holds, requiring exceptional balance and coordination. Judges evaluate performances based on execution, difficulty, and artistry, rewarding athletes for their technical proficiency and creativity. Men's gymnastics is not only a competitive sport but also a rigorous form of physical training that promotes discipline, athleticism, and camaraderie among participants.

Floor Exercise

This event takes place on a 12m x 12m sprung floor. Gymnasts perform a series of acrobatic and tumbling skills, combined with dance elements, choreographed to music. The routine must demonstrate a balance between power, flexibility, and artistic expression.

Pommel Horse

The pommel horse is a stationary apparatus with two handles (pommels) mounted on a metal frame. Gymnasts perform a routine of continuous circular and swinging movements, utilizing the entire length of the horse while maintaining a smooth rhythm and proper form.


In this event, gymnasts perform a series of strength-based elements on a pair of suspended rings. The routine includes swings, holds, and dynamic movements, emphasizing upper body strength, stability, and control. Athletes strive to achieve static positions and fluid transitions between skills.


Gymnasts sprint down a runway and propel themselves off a springboard onto a vaulting table, executing various twisting and flipping maneuvers before landing on a padded mat. Vaulting requires explosive power, precise technique, and impeccable timing to achieve maximum height and distance while maintaining control during the landing.

Parallel Bars

This event features two parallel wooden bars set approximately 1.75m apart and elevated from the floor. Gymnasts perform a series of swinging, balancing, and releasing movements between the bars, showcasing strength, flexibility, and coordination. The routine includes skills such as swings, handstands, and intricate transitions.

High Bar

Gymnasts showcase their aerial skills on a single horizontal bar suspended approximately 2.8m above the ground. The routine consists of dynamic releases, twists, and swings, combined with intricate grips and hand changes. Athletes demonstrate strength, precision, and fluidity while executing high-flying maneuvers and complex transitions.

Each event is judged based on specific criteria, including difficulty, execution, composition, and artistry, with scores contributing to the gymnast's overall performance in competitions.