About TAG

Trampoline and Artistic Gymnastics

TAG has been in Po Co for 15 years.   TAG is the only gymnastics centre in Po Co and is the largest dedicated gymnastics facility in BC.  TAG strives to keep the cost of competitive, recreational training fees and camps as low as possible.  We are proud of the fact that we have not increased our competitive and recreational fees this year. Please see our fee structure in competitive gymnastics. To contact us please call the gym at 604-468-0121or email us tagsports@telus.net.

Mission Statement

At TAG Sports Centre we consider gymnastics the foundation for all sports and life activities. Gymnastics helps develop body awareness, strength, flexibility, balance and coordination. It also teaches respect, responsibility, organization, discipline, time management, trust and friendship, creating lifelong relationships. We pride ourselves in having the majority of our staff being previously coached athletes at any level.

In pursuit of gymnastics excellence in all levels.